Altamar celebrates the V Seminar on Alternative Investments in Santiago de Chile

The event gathered more than 140 Altamar investors and some professionals in the industry


On October 25th, 2017, Altamar Capital Partners celebrated the V Seminar on Alternative Investments in Santiago de Chile, which brought together more than 140 people. Throughout the morning, the attendees had the opportunity to hear from Altamar’s partners as well as one of the most renowned professional in the alternative global investment industry, Guillaume Cassou, Partner and Head Real Estate Europe KKR.


The seminar began with a welcome speech from the President, Claudio Aguirre, who talked about the progress of the firm in 2017 and its current prospects. The internationalization was another point that Claudio Aguirre emphasized in the opening, in which the International Advisory Board of Altamar was introduced, which consists of a group of experts at global level including Ms. Maryfrances Metrick, Dr. Rolf Wickenkamp, Mr. Kennon Koay and Mr. Iñigo Fernández de Mesa.


After the opening, Guillaume Cassou, gave a presentation titled “The rise of Real Assets. Investment trends”, where he analyzed the main aspects of the real estate investment industry.


Then, came the time to talk about Venture Capital with a panel titled “The digital revolution: Value creation in the 21st century”, moderated by José Luis Molina, and in which Didac Lee and Marcel Rafart, both Managing Partners and Co-Founders at Galdana Ventures, talked about the main challenges of the industry as well as Galdana Ventures I as investor of some of the most renowned Venture Capital funds.


After a brief recess, the Seminar was resumed with the presentation of the evolution of Altamar Capital Partners Funds. José Luis Molina analyzed the current trends of the primary and secondary Private Equity markets, and highlighted the satisfactory results of the Private Equity Funds. Then, Fernando Olaso summarized Altamar Real Estate activity and their Funds evolution. And finally, the seminar ended with Marcel Rafart giving a brief snapshot of Galdana Ventures I Fund.