Annual Review 2019

Altamar Capital Partners celebrates fifteen years of history
Letter from the Founding Partners

Dear Investors,

As Altamar Capital Partners celebrates fifteen years of history in 2019, our first message must necessarily be to express our gratitude to all those who have placed their trust in us on this path of growth.

From the outset, we have remained true to an investment philosophy focused on alternative assets (mainly in Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure Assets, Technological and Life Science Venture Capital, as well as Private Debt), based on a medium and long- term vision, and always maintaining a patient and meticulous approach to capital preservation.

This approach, coupled with the dedication and rigour of its team, has allowed the Altamar Group to consolidate its position as one of the world’s leading managers in terms of returns, with almost €6.5 billion in capital committed by our investors, and all this despite the difficulties faced on this journey owing to the Great Financial Crisis (GFC).

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