ESG in the Altamar Group

CSR Principles


Altamar considers CSR as a contributor to long-term success since it constitutes a core element for building its investors’ trust. It is also a key pull factor and an incentive to retain highly committed talent. Altamar’s strategy builds on six basic principles that are at the core of its activity and approach to social responsibility.


ESG measures and social responsibility at Altamar


Environmental measures

On the environmental impact policy side, steps have been taken to reduce energy consumption and pollution from waste generated in the offices. Policies to reduce paper usage seek not only to minimise environmental impact but also to protect confidential information and personal data to which Altamar has access.


Social measures

Concerning social impact measures, Altamar seeks to generate internal and external impact through the commitment with its core values of respect and integrity, and by enhancing its employees’ engagement through ESG staff training. Education and solidarity are also fostered through the Altamar Foundation.


Corporate governance measures

Altamar has a robust governance framework with structures, bodies and procedures to achieve its ESG-based goals, integrating the perspectives of investors and legislators, bringing them in line with the company’s strategy. The committees that Altamar has established focus on different areas, including tracking and controlling compliance with regulations and policies, and supervising and monitoring Fund Portfolios, among others.


Altamar has a sound regulatory framework that outlines the policies and procedures applied within the Group, as well as the controls aimed at ensuring compliance. In this context, it should be pointed out that the data protection policy (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) has strengthened the security of personal data processed by Altamar, taking into account the ESG criteria’s social and corporate governance dimensions.


Regarding risk management, Altamar has implemented an ERM system (Enterprise Risk Management) which focuses on the detection and prevention of different types of risks.

Environmental Impact (E)

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reusable packaging
  • Paper-less policies and use of iPads
  • Waste management
  • Printers and photocopiers with ENERGY STAR* classification

Social Impact (S)

  • Equality and respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of best practices in talent management (Talent Management Committee)
  • Employee training and professional development
  • Altamar Foundation Activities

Good governance (G)

Altamar has designed a robust governance framework with strong structures, bodies and procedures. Altamar has internal regulations that cover the policies and procedures to be applied in the group, as well as the controls aimed at ensuring compliance.

  • Integrated Risk Management System
  • Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
  • Cybersecurity