ESG in the Altamar Group

At Altamar, we believe that the integration of ESG policies at an internal level is a success factor in the development of our core business. Therefore, we continue to implement new ESG practices and sustainability strategies, thus consolidating our commitment every year.


Sustainability Measures in Altamar


Environmental Measures


With regard to environmental impact policies, measures have been put in place to reduce energy consumption and pollution caused by the waste generated in the offices. In addition, policies are implemented to reduce the use of paper, not only because of its impact on the environment, but also to protect confidential information and personal data to which the Firm has access.


As part of this commitment to the environment, Altamar has signed the ‘Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change’ in line with the Paris Agreement.


Social Measures


With regard to social impact measures, Altamar seeks to impact both internally and externally. Altamar ensures that employees are aware of the rapid evolution of market trends through training sessions, courses and other awareness measures. Likewise, the values of respect and integrity are incorporated into all areas of the organization and, on a regular basis, information on both the market and ESG is shared with the entire firm through the intranet, internal meetings and the monthly ESG newsletter. In addition, education and solidarity support is promoted through the Altamar Foundation.


Good Corporate Governance


Finally, in relation to corporate governance measures, Altamar has designed a robust governance framework with structures, bodies and procedures that integrate the perspectives of investors and regulators and align them with the Firm’s strategy. Altamar has committees aimed at controlling and monitoring compliance with regulations and policies, and supervisory and portfolio monitoring committees, among others.


Altamar has a solid regulatory structure including the policies and procedures to be applied in the Group ensuring compliance.

Environmental Impact (E)

  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of reusable packaging
  • Reduction of paper usage by using iPads
  • Waste management
  • ENERGY STAR® certified printers and photocopiers

Social Impact (S)

  • Equality and respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of best practices in talent management (Talent Management Committee)
  • Promotion of training, and personal and professional development of employees
  • Activities of the Altamar Foundation

Good governance (G)

  • Integrated Risk Management System (ERM)
  • Data Protection Policy (GDPR) to reinforce the security of personal data processed at Altamar
  • Cybersecurity