Data Protection Policy

Privacy policy  included in the document:

ALTAMAR fulfills all data protection obligations. Resulting from this accomplishment, ALTAMAR counts with a Data Protection Officer that oversees the supervision of all tasks with the objective of complying with the obligations that are established in the data protection regulation. You can always contact the Data Protection Officer on the e-mail or sending a communication to the address Paseo de la Castellana, 91, 28046, Madrid.

Identification of data Web treatment:

– Candidate Openings: In this website, the user can complete an application form enabled for all interested in working in any of the Altamar’s Group entities. In the following link you can find all the information regarding data protection treatment regarding candidate’s openings..

– Contact: One one hand, the user could complete a contact application form. The purpose of this data treatment is to attend the requirement sent. On the other hand, ALTAMAR may obtain your contact derived from meetings held, with the purpose of managing your request or relationship and include you in the company’s database.


For both cases, ALTAMAR has an internal procedure for the preservation of personal data that will be updated and on which ALTAMAR will confirm after a while if you are still interested in being part of the ALTAMAR network of contacts. In case you are not interested in being part of said network, ALTAMAR will proceed to delete your data. In this link you can find the basic data protection information regarding the contact application form.


– Newsletter: Newsletter: All users interested could sign up to receive the ALTAMAR’s Newsletter. In this link you can find more details about the data protection information regarding ALTAMAR’s Newsletter.

– Cookies: This website treats technical cookies (necessary for navigating) and third party cookies with a unique analytic purpose. In this link find attached the Cookies Policy.


Data protection treatment in Altamar’s activity: Within the main data treatments done by ALTAMAR we find the necessary ones in order to execute the concrete agreements reached, as well as the accomplishment of the legal and tax obligations that may be needed to fulfill in relation to ALTAMAR. ALTAMAR will only transfer client’s personal data within the Altamar’s Group companies for commercial purposes, when having its consent.


ALTAMAR has identified all data protection treatments done, as well as has implemented the security measures necessary for avoiding any loss or incidents in conformity with that established in the data protection regulation.


ALTAMAR is committed to treating all communications that contain its clients’ personal data as confidential, although depending upon the product being contracted, personal data may be transferred to other entities. Those entities include, among others: (i) the depositary entities for the funds contracted, when applicable; (ii) regulatory bodies and public institutions from Spain’s national, regional, and local governments, or other authorities that may be located within or outside of the European Economic Area, in cases where the law requires data to be provided to them; (iii) entities from Grupo ALTAMAR; or (iv) service providers such as those providing IT, administrative, or consultation services.


Users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, and erase for their data, along with the rest of the rights indicated in the additional information, by sending a written request, signed by the data subject and with a copy of the data subject’s national identification document or other official identity document attached, to ALTAMAR’s Data Protection Officer at the address indicated above.
You can view detailed information on the subject of data protection at the following links: Data Protection Policy for Altamar Private EquityData Protection Policy for Altamar Global Investments, and Data Protection Policy for Altamar Advisory Partners. ALTAMAR reserves the right to unilaterally modify its privacy policy, although this will always be done in accordance with current legislation and without affecting the processing of your data. The data subjects will be immediately notified regarding such changes, so that they can exercise any rights they may consider to be appropriate.


You can also view detailed data protection information for the Depositary at “Data Protection Policy for the Depositary”.