Integration of ESG Criteria in Altamar


At Altamar, integrating ESG criteria drives value creation both internally, by implementing sustainability measures within the firm, and at the business level, by consolidating these measures in investment strategies and processes. Altamar firmly believes that the best way to fulfil its commitment with its investors and with society is to excel in each of its activities through active ESG policies.


The firm’s ESG Policy defines the lines of action and procedures aimed at maximizing the impact and integration of ESG criteria and Socially responsible investing (SRI) values in the life of the organization and in its relationship with society.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Altamar


The Board of Directors endorses the alignment of the group’s ESG strategy and policies with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.


All of the employees at the Firm took part in selecting the following seven SDGs on which Altamar wishes to have a greater impact:



A series of KPIs have been defined for the measurement of each of the selected SDGs, and a follow-up process established to monitor the Firm’s contribution to them.


Thus, Altamar reinforces its commitment to sustainability and to the goal of promoting and strengthening the responsibility and engagement of all its members and activities to society and the environment.


Communication & Transparency

In order to promote transparency, the Firm provides its investors with information about its ESG practices and policies through reports and marketing materials, such as the ESG Report, as well as in the Supervisory Committees of its underlying funds, the Annual General Meeting, and the Annual Report of the Altamar Group. Additionally, detailed information on ESG matters is provided to investors who request it.


“All of us at Altamar work with absolute integrity, dedication, and in search of excellence in the accomplishment of our responsibilities as a team, always being faithful to our principles and values. Our culture is our greatest asset. My vision of ESG involves not only fulfilling one’s own responsibility, but also extending that vision and practices to all the stakeholders with whom we interact.”

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