Investment philosophy

Consistency, value creation, diversification, risk aversion
The soundness of our business base is without a doubt due to the results achieved by our funds in terms of profitability, which compare very favorably with those of our competitors. We are consistently ranked among the best in our industry at a worldwide level.

To a great extent this is due to the methodical application since our firm was first created of an investment philosophy in which long-term vision and preservation of capital are two of the most basic cornerstones, and consistency of returns is one of its main objectives, combined with risk diversification and the careful and patient construction of investment portfolios, without trying to anticipate market momentum. At all times we avoid making macro-type bets, while leveraging a broad-based and diverse platform of assets and strategies. All the above are the main hallmarks of our business philosophy.

Our investment strategy is developed by combining activity in the primary market with transactions in the secondary market and direct co-investment. We have an extensive, in-depth knowledge of the international alternative management market and enjoy excellent relations with a large number of fund managers, whom we track and analyze. This places us in a privileged position when it comes to accessing the best opportunities through our three investment business areas.

Since the Group’s foundation we have devoted our efforts to seeking, finding and analyzing the best long-term investment opportunities in private assets. To do this we have drawn on our Group’s talent, capabilities and resources, together with the necessary focus provided by the methodical application of the principles of our investment philosophy:

We seek consistency in returns

We achieve consistency because we apply consistent criteria across asset classes and strategies on a global scale, and gain a thorough understanding of the risk return profiles presented by each investment opportunity. We believe that consistency over time in our delivery is the true foundation of the trust we build with our clients, and that they follow us because they see a continuity in the delivery of investment performance standards.

Value creation and market independence

As long term investors we are willing to invest in opportunities in which active management, incentives, alignment of interests, new business models, new markets and expansion strategies can help create value by creating or developing companies. Also, as long-term investors, we are firm believers in our analysis of value fundamentals and market independence, and therefore our underwriting assumptions are never based on macro themes or cycle views.

Risk aversion and diversification are key

We apply an investment philosophy focused on value creation through the search of asymmetric risk/return profiles, with a strong focus on downside protection and capital preservation. Sound portfolio construction is central to ensuring solid diversification, which is not about having a large number of investments but rather about building a portfolio with investments that are less correlated. This is achieved through a disciplined and patient deployment of capital.

Multi-asset specialist approach

Altamar’s Investment Committees across all asset classes benefit from having a consistency of process and sharing a common investment approach. Our asset class specialists in private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure and private debt give Altamar’s platform a substantial advantage, which allows each of our investors to benefit from the breadth and depth of investment insights that a global multi-asset firm can provide.

Investment in relations and trust

We firmly believe in the power of relations and trust. Our client base and our fund manager network lie at the heart of what our Group is today and what it has been able to achieve to date. We strive to win the trust of our investors and build long-lasting relationships with them. We concentrate on identifying and developing trusting relationships with unique and consistent managers, who will help implement and make true our investment philosophy.

Positive ESG

We firmly believe that the enforcement of active ESG policies can benefit both ethical and financial dimensions. The application of ESG best practices can improve the financial results of portfolio companies by reducing risks and creating value, which will ultimately lead to better returns for investors.

Our Investment Strategies

Our specialization in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Infrastructure as an opportunity for Altamar platform.

Altamar Capital Partners has extensive experience and knowledge of the international alternative management market, through the analyses of several General Partners and portfolios.


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