One of the Foundation’s priorities is to define a governance system built on best practices.


To that end, initial steps have been taken to monitor the Good Governance practices recommended by the Spanish Association of Foundations (known in Spanish as AEF) in the report prepared jointly with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


The Foundation undertakes to give priority to:

  • Securing the involvement of the Board of Trustees and its staff in the Foundation’s activities;
  • Promoting transparency and communication, especially in accountability and economic management of resources and other aspects, including its mission statement, detailed account of activities and performance measurement; providing audited annual accounts or detailed information on members of the governing bodies (profiles and experience), focusing on quality rather than volume.

Board of Trustees

Chairwoman: Aldara Fernández de Córdova

Members: Claudio Aguirre, José Luis Molina, Inés Andrade, Ignacio Antoñanzas, Daniel García-Pita, Elena González, Fernando Olaso, Felipe Oriol, Ana Sainz de Vicuña, Miguel Zurita

Secretary: María Sanz

“Altamar’s founding partners and managers are personally committed to ensuring that the profits made by the Company will have an impact on society beyond the creation of wealth and employment. We seek to make the Foundation’s mission a reality through effective, orderly and transparent management of its resources.”

Executive Committee:

  • Aldara Fernández de Córdova
  • Mónica Aguirre
  • Joaquín Díaz Regañon
  • Beatriz Parias
  • María Luisa Lombardero
  • Almudena Comín



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