Commitment and a clear purpose
The leadership of the management team formed by Managing Partners of the Group is based on a firm link and commitment to the company’s objectives and purpose. To this end the team is based on a governance structure in which the Board of Directors, the Partners Committee, and the International Advisory Board play a key role.

Management Team

The Altamar Group leverages the leadership of a management team of professionals with extensive experience in direct investment and asset management, who are professionally and personally committed to the firm.

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Board of Directors

Altamar Capital Partners’ Board of Directors is made up of executive and external executives who align the strategies and objectives of all the Group’s entities and monitor their results.

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Partners Committee

Aimed to provide Altamar partners with a good understanding of the firm’s long term strategy as set by the Board of Directors, as well as to be a periodical information forum and a sounding board for relevant management issues.

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International Advisory Board

Altamar Capital Partners has set up an International Advisory Board with the aim of supporting the firm’s growth and internationalization. It is made up of international experts with complementary qualities, each with an extensive professional track record, whose main purpose is to provide the Group with strategic advice.

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