Managed accounts

Bespoke solutions
Altamar offers institutional investors and family offices the opportunity of investing in private equity through Managed Accounts

Altamar offers bespoke advice in the design and planning of private market investment programs to institutional investors and family offices who wish to expand or improve their investment efficiency in private market assets.

Through a program based on a managed account it is possible to provide investors with access to the best fund managers and investment opportunities worldwide, while taking into account the legal, fiscal and regulatory particularities of each client.

The investment mandate service includes the design and planning of the investment strategy, the execution of that strategy with more or less client involvement in decision-making, and the tracking, reporting and control of the investment portfolio.

Portfolio construction and investment strategy planning

Design and planning of target allocation to private market investments (program size)

Definition of a “prototype portfolio” (“Top-Down” strategy)

Regular revision of the portfolio construction strategy

Investment proposals

Investment alternatives analysis (“Bottom-Up” strategy)

Recurring activity and valuation reporting of the portfolio

Investment monitoring

Operational efficiency and cash management optimization

Periodic activity and valuation reporting of every investment

Altamar also makes administration services available to its clients, provided by an excellent team of professionals specialized in the design and implementation of outsourcing strategies for administrative, accounting and operational processes.

From its offices in Madrid and Santiago de Chile, Altamar provides a differentiated service, adding value to the client, a benchmark service providing personalized advice and training in alternative investment. The service pays special attention to reporting transparency, quality and detail, as well as providing specialized tools, regular meetings, and full accessibility to the management team.


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