Roque Velasco

Founding Partner Galdana Ventures

Galdana Ventures


Managing Partner

Roque Velasco is Managing Partner in the Galdana team.

Roque has more than 15 years of experience in managing high-growth technology companies. In 2008 he joined Inspirit Group as COO, which includes companies like Fhios, Matrix&Leadzer, Addfleet and Spamina among others, and employs an aggregate of 400 people. While at Inspirit he directly led many rounds alongside other well-known VC firms. He is currently serving as board member in several companies, among them Tradeinn and Alpify.

Roque is an Industrial Engineer, holds an MBA from ESADE and an EPGC (Executive Program for Growing Companies) from Stanford.


罗克拥有15年的高成长科技公司管理经验。 2008年,他作为首席运营官加入了Inspirit集團,管理其總聘用超過四百人的公司,其中包括Fhios, Matrix& Leadzer, Addfleet和Spamina等。在Inspirit他和一些西班牙顶级风投公司一同作为投资领导人直接管理多輪的投资。他同時也是几个科技公司(如Tradeinn及Alpify)的董事会成员。
Roque是一名工业工程师,拥有斯坦福大学成长型公司高階管理計畫證書和ESADE 商学院MBA学位