We methodically select the best funds
Primary investment in various funds which in turn invest in other companies is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve a diversified exposure to private equity assets.

Our investment strategy involves combination of primary market activity with transactions in the secondary market and direct co-investment. The investment teams for each asset are responsible for carrying out and coordinating these three activities and integrating them into our investment philosophy, since the relationship developed in the primary market with fund managers is vital to the origination and execution of transactions in secondary markets and co-investment activities.

Our aim is to obtain balanced and attractive returns in the medium and long term, with an investment philosophy centered on “Alpha”. The methodology and process of identifying, selecting, prioritizing, analyzing and performing due diligence gives us access to the best international fund managers, those with an extensive knowledge of their sector and capable of generating value during the different market cycles, as well as having teams that are sustainable in the medium term and skilled in strategy and investment.

Over the years we have developed an extensive knowledge of markets and investment strategies. We recurrently conduct top-down and bottom-up analyses allowing us to identify new opportunities based on the extensive network of relationships we have developed with specialized fund managers working in different segments of the market.

Our tracking of over 2300 fund managers at a global level together with the methodical construction of our fund portfolio enables us to optimize the return/risk profile and access fund managers which in many cases are difficult to access.


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