Private Equity / Buyouts

Private Equity activity promotes innovation, productivity, competitiveness and job creation
The primary objective is to obtain balanced and attractive returns in the medium and long term, with an investment philosophy focused on generating Alpha.

Private Equity helps innovation, productivity, competition and job creation, earning higher returns with less volatility, compared to other asset classes, thanks to its ownership model and corporate governance.

Altamar Private Equity SGIIC SAU, established in 2004, is the global Private Equity management company of the Altamar Capital Partners Group. The Research and Investments team specializes in selecting the best international buyout, growth and special situations managers, co-investments and secondary transactions.

The Asset Class

Through the Madrid, Santiago de Chile and New York offices clients have access to value-added services for investments in private markets. Transparency, quality and detail in reporting using specialized tools, regular meetings and full access to the management team are the factors that set the management company and its funds apart from the rest.

Altamar Private Equity SGIIC SAU currently has ten funds under management with an excellent track record, both in absolute terms and compared with other comparable strategies, making it one of the top performing international Private Equity management companies.

Altamar Private Equity’s primary objective is to obtain balanced and attractive returns in the medium and long term, with an investment philosophy focused on generating Alpha. Through a deep, detailed and structured due diligence process Altamar Private Equity can identify, select and prioritize the optimal investments for portfolios. Extensive experience and international reputation built over the years gives Altamar Private Equity the ability to access the best fund managers and produce returns that are among the highest of their vintages.

Altamar Private Equity SGIIC SAU’s funds – very selective, diversified and relatively small – rely on managers with an in-depth knowledge of different sectors and the capacity to create value across the market cycle, as well as disciplined and sustainable teams in the medium term.


Altamar integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) factors by implementing best market practices at all stages of the investment process. Thus, ESG factors are taken into account in the selection and analysis of investments (as part of the Due Diligence process), in the formalization of investments (by requesting ESG clauses from managers in the Side Letters and the Exclusion Policy) and in the monitoring of investments (by updating the ESG Due Diligence Checklist, analyzing the reporting on sustainability issued by managers and the ESG information collected by Altamar’s investment teams when attending their Annual Meetings).

The company offers institutional investors and family offices the opportunity to invest in private equity through managed accounts. These accounts are designed and managed on the basis of the specific legal, tax and regulatory circumstances of each client.

Altamar Private Equity also provides administrative services through professionals specializing in the design and execution of outsourcing strategies for administrative, accounting and operating processes.


Our funds

Altamar Buyout Europa FCR2005European Global BuyoutLarge & Mid MarketEurope 85% Usa Row 15%More
Altamar Buyout Global II & III FCR2006/07Global BuyoutLarge, Mid & SmallEurope 60% Usa Row 40%More
Altamar Secondary Opportunities IV FCR2009Global Buyout (Secondary Market)SecondaryMore
Altamar V Private Equity Program FCR2011/12Global Buyout / Growth Emerging Markets / Special OpportunitiesUpper-Mid-Low / Middle MarketEurope 30%-40% USA 50%-60% Asia 5%-15%More
Altamar VI Emerging Markets Private Equity FCR2013/14 Buyout Emerging MarketsUpper-Mid-Low / Middle MarketMarket Asia 50%-60% Latam 40%-50%More
Altamar Secondary Opportunities VII & VII BP FCR2013/14Global Buyout (Secondary Market)SecondaryMore
Altamar Global Private Equity Program VIII & VIII BP FCR2014/15Global Buyout / Growth Emerging Markets / Special OpportunitiesUpper-Mid-Low Middle MarketEurope 30-40% USA 30-40% Asia/Latam 10-15% Special Opp 15-20% Sec/co-inv hasta 30%More
Altamar Global Secondaries IX FCR2016Global BuyoutLarge, Mid & Small MarketEurope / USA / Emerging MarketsMore
Altamar X Global Private Equity Program FCR2018Global BuyoutUpper-Mid-Low Middle MarketEurope / USA / Emerging MarketsMore
ACP Secondaries 42019Global BuyoutLarge, Mid & Small MarketEurope / USA / EmergentsMore
ACP - Private Equity 7, FCR2022Global Buyout / GrowthLarge, and fundamentally Upper-Mid-Low Middle MarketEurope: 25-30%
USA: 25-30%
Emerging Markets: 5-10%
Special Opp: 5-10%
Sec/Co-inv: up to 20%-30%