Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to social responsibility and sustainability
We believe that to excel through a proactive and transparent corporate social responsibility policy and responsible investment approach is the best way for us to comply with the commitment we have with our clients and with society. We believe this philosophy will reward long-term, responsible investment and will create benefits for all stakeholders.

Socially responsible management

In recent years there has been growing awareness in society of the importance of managing companies in the context of socially responsible frameworks. Managers are tasked to generate lasting positive impacts for:

Stakeholders |  Including Customers |  Employees |  Shareholders |  The Environment |  The Wider Community

This concern has evolved into a growing demand from stakeholders for new corporate behaviors, based on proactive, transparent and measurable management, making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) essential to business success.

Being fully aware of its relevance, the Altamar Group has placed Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability management as a priority in its strategic focus.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Finally, we have approved Altamar Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which develops our own Corporate Social Responsibility policy and responsible investment framework. This framework is consistently applied to our investment process and ensures that CSR values are integrated throughout the organization across all asset classes.