Governance CSR / SRI
Altamar has taken several steps to strengthen its commitment and consolidate the integration of CSR and SRI principles into the organisation, establishing a management model that directly engages top management:

CSR and SRI Teams

  • Implement the tasks set out in the Annual Action Plan
  • Recommend improvements and best practices
  • Attend CSR- and SRI-related events attendance
  • Reports annually to PRI: disclosure of SRI practices and policies implemented
  • Monitors regulatory developments
  • Participates in Altamar Foundation activities


ESG Working Group

  • Incorporates SRI policies in all Altamar work areas
  • Monitors the Annual Action Plan
  • Analyses the improvements and best practices suggested by the CSR and SRI teams
  • Reports to the ESG Committee


ESG Committee

  • Promotes Altamar’s ESG activities at the highest level.
  • Represents and engages with the company’s Board and stakeholders
  • Proposes CSR and SRI goals
  • Approves the Annual Action Plan
  • Monitors processes to integrate ESG criteria in Altamar
  • Enhances employees’ awareness to consolidate an ESG-based culture