ESG Governance
Altamar has taken a series of steps to reinforce its commitment and consolidate the integration of ESG into the organisation, establishing a management model that directly involves senior management:

ESG Committee

  • Promotion of ESG activities implemented at Altamar to the highest level
  • Representation and dialogue with the Board and stakeholders of the Firm
  • ESG objectives proposal
  • Annual ESG Action Plan approval
  • Monitoring of ESG integration processes in Altamar
  • Strengthening employee awareness to consolidate a culture that integrates ESG criteria


ESG Working Group

  • Integration of SRI policies into all areas of Altamar’s activity
  • Follow-up on the Annual ESG Action Plan execution
  • Analysis of improvement proposals and best practices suggested by the ESG team
  • Reporting to the ESG Committee


ESG Team

  • Implementation of the actions set out in the Annual ESG Action Plan
  • Proposals for improvement and best practices
  • Training through attendance at ESG events
  • Annual reporting to PRI: SRI practices and policies implemented
  • Monitoring of regulatory developments
  • Activities of the Altamar Foundation