Social demand and interest for more sustainable responsible corporate management as well as greater positive environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG criteria) are growing exponentially. Such trends have led to increased demand for new corporate behaviours based on responsible, transparent and measurable management of corporations, making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Responsible Investment (SRI) essential contributors to business feasibility.


Altamar firmly believes that its commitment to investors and society can be best fulfilled by seeking excellence in its business activity through active CSR and SRI policies. Altamar channels this commitment through its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and other actions aimed at capitalising the impact and integration of ESG criteria and SRI values into the organisation and its engagement with society.


Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI)

Altamar considers the disclosure of its SRI initiatives essential to strengthen its clients’ trust. As a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2016, Altamar provides clear and transparent information on its SRI policies and practices to its investors in the UN PRI Annual Report. The firm also shares information about its ESG policies with its investors through documents such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) presentation, the Annual Report, the Supervisory Committees and the Sustainability Report.


“All of us at Altamar work with absolute integrity, dedication, and in search of excellence in the accomplishment of our responsibilities as a team, always being faithful to our principles and values. Our culture is our greatest asset. My vision of ESG involves not only fulfilling one’s own responsibility, but also extending that vision and practices to all the stakeholders with whom we interact.”