Strategic framework


To contribute to a better society, making the most of the capabilities that differentiate Altamar


To achieve an excellent Foundation that augments its social impact by enhancing human, organizational, relational and economic capabilities


  • Values
  • Excellence
  • Long-term vision
  • Moral fiber

Ejes estratégicos


  • Contribute to innovation and excellence in education
  • Support training for employment with a focus on disadvantaged groups
  • Promote the development of young artists


  • Improve the quality of life of disabled people in economic need
  • Contribute to health research
  • Support addiction recovery programmes

Against this backdrop, the Foundation's Board of Trustees shall prioritise projects that meet the following criteria
Excellence: the overall “outstanding” features of the project shall be valued while taking account of the quality and experience of the team, economic and organizational feasibility and maturity.


Innovation: knowledge-based innovative projects (not only scientific) that lead to changes (not only technological) and generate value (not only economic). Disadvantaged groups: specific initiatives with concrete goals geared towards people with limited means, social problems and disabilities.


Disadvantaged groups: specific initiatives with concrete goals geared towards people with fewer resources, social problems and disabilities.


Sustainability: the projects and entities that manage them must be technically, environmentally and financially viable and sustainable in the long term, taking into consideration that the goal is to ensure a long-lasting social impact.


Participation: in order to optimize the social impact of the projects and those who managed them, Altamar Foundation encourages employee participation in these projects; therefore, the involvement of Altamar’s team should be an intrinsic element of the project.


Network of partnerships: the cooperation with third parties should create value, and Altamar Group’s values should be evident.


Ethics, transparency and best practices: in addition to assessing the moral fiber, the non-profit entity should be certified by Fundación Lealtad or another respected independent body, or should have obtained or be actively working to obtain a quality certification.


Focus on measurable results: monitoring and assessment of each project’s progress based on pre-defined goals and performance indicators. Measuring social impact (metrics for evaluation of results against the objectives set) is essential for the project’s selection process, financing and reporting.