Core values

The value of the values
At Altamar, we are committed to promoting a culture based on shared and lasting values, thus building trust through all our relationships with customers, employees and society.
Client first

WE PRIORITIZE OUR CLIENTS´ INTERESTS. Only by consistently adding value and doing what is best for our clients will we earn their trust and succeed together in the long term.

People focused

PEOPLE ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET. We care for our people. We are committed to providing a work environment defined by mutual respect, collaboration, diversity, open communication, teamwork, wellness and work-life balance.


WE ARE A PARTNERSHIP. All the key stakeholders (management, shareholders and employees) are strongly aligned with our clients through investments in the funds and the firm’ s equity. Our compensation policies are linked to our clients’ success.



WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ALL THAT WE DO. Our commitment to excellence is based on the skills and experience of our team, the motivation and accountability of each employee, and our culture of continuous innovation.

Long-term perspective

WE ALWAYS THINK LONG-TERM. We want to forge long lasting relationships with clients, managers, and employees.


WE ACT RESPONSIBLY AS A FIRM AND AS INDIVIDUALS. As a firm, we are responsible for contributing positively to society and we adhere to the highest ethical standards. As individuals, we act with integrity and behave consciously in all aspects of our lives.

Culture based on values