Core values

Shared core values guide our business
Altamar Capital Partners believes that having a qualified, experienced and reliable team is a critical element for successful investing. Since its inception, Altamar has built a well-rounded team which has been the key behind its growth and its strong investment results. Altamar Capital Partners results have been and will continue to be highly dependent on the fact that both the management team and the rest of the professionals share a clear vision and support the core values that guide our business.
Client first approach: we must earn the trust of our clients

Our clients always come first. Not only is it the right thing to do, but also we strongly believe that only by consistently adding value and thinking of what is best for our clients will we earn their trust and succeed as a business in the long term.

Excel in all that we do

To excel is the best way for us to earn our clients’ trust. It is also inherently gratifying. Investment performance is at the core of what we do, and we continually strive for excellence in the quality of the managers that we select. But we also strive to excel in client servicing and we therefore pay enormous attention to the way we communicate and conduct ourselves in general and vis-a-vis our clients.

Alignment of interests

Alignment of interests is one of the most important tenets when investing, particularly in the private equity industry. We take it very seriously. In this respect, the management team, employees, and shareholders have made a significant commitment (in excess of €205 MM) to all our funds. In addition, we have created a partnership structure in which employees who excel and demonstrate a true commitment to the firm’s values can become partners and share in the firm’s success. Today, Altamar Capital Partners has 31 partners out of a team of more than 150 employees. We strongly believe that fostering a partnership-wide program that enables partners to obtain an equity stake in the business delivers a great alignment of interest with employees.

Experienced and skilled

Successful fund manager selection and client servicing are two disciplines that not only require strong skills and knowledge but also deep and broad experience. And we are proud to have it. Our 31 partners all have extensive relevant professional experience.

Long-term perspective in all our relationships

We always think long term with respect to our clients, fund managers, and organization. Only by having long-term client relationships are we able to have a deep understanding of our client’s needs and provide the products and service they required. Only by having long term relationships with the fund managers we work with can we understand their culture and true strengths in order to better position them to service client needs. Only by thinking long term about our team and employees, and providing development opportunities and an outstanding working environment, can we build the stability in our business that will allow us to succeed.

Act responsibly and with the highest degree of ethical standards

All Altamar Capital Partners employees are ambassadors of Altamar and we must conduct ourselves accordingly, committing to the highest ethical standards. We must comply at all times with ESG best practices. We act with integrity, honesty, dedication and excellence, in the fulfillment of our responsibilities, consistent with our core values.