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Through its various investment programs, Galdana selects from among the best Venture Capital managers in the world (United States, Asia, Europe and Israel). Galdana invests only in those managers with demonstrable experience in identifying and investing in the most promising technology companies created recently. In addition to primary Investments, the portfolio is complemented with secondary acquisitions and direct co-investments.

Venture Capital Fund of Funds

Galdana proposes investment in an asset which, on the one hand has a very limited correlation with listed markets and, on the other hand, offers an attractive, increasingly more consolidated and growing profitability.

Galdana Ventures’ managers identify, analyze and select venture capital funds that have historically achieved the best returns from investing globally in the technology sector thus providing access to these opportunities with challenging entry barriers.


Altamar integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) factors by implementing best market practices at all stages of the investment process. Thus, ESG factors are taken into account in the selection and analysis of investments (as part of the Due Diligence process), in the formalization of investments (by requesting ESG clauses from managers in the Side Letters and the Exclusion Policy) and in the monitoring of investments (by updating the ESG Due Diligence Checklist, analyzing the reporting on sustainability issued by managers and the ESG information collected by Altamar’s investment teams when attending their Annual Meetings).

Galdana Ventures is a joint venture, bringing together Altamar Capital Partners and the strong team formed by Marcel Rafart, Javier Rubió, Roque Velasco and Dídac Lee. It aims to become a leading actor in the venture capital market, providing added value not only for investors but also for investee funds.

Chairman, Managing Partner and Founding Partner of Galdana Ventures

Managing Partner and Founding Partner of Galdana Ventures

Managing Partner and Founding Partner of Galdana Ventures

Managing Partner and Founding Partner of Galdana Ventures

With this joint venture the first specialized venture capital fund of funds was launched in 2015, aimed at providing investors with global access to the best international fund managers in the venture capital sector.

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